On Point Tours take our guests to Mossel Bay that is home to one of the most diverse and well known Marine Life in the world. Our Marine Life can be experienced by land, sea and air.

Mossel Bay’s Great White Sharks are world renowned for the first night breach that was captured. Mossel Bay has the biggest Great White Shark population in the world, making it the best destination to come experience these magnificent misunderstood creatures up close and personal. Whether that is in a cage with these Great Whites in their natural habitat or from a viewing deck on the boat, it is definitely a once in a life time experience.

Mossel Bay also offers the more fainthearted the opportunity to experience varies types of marine life such as whales, dolphins, seals and many more.

Mossel Bay offers some of the best fishing in South Africa with professional anglers that will have you catch that catch that you can make big stories with. Our guests can choose from varies species of fish that could be cooked that same night to have the full experience or for the adrenaline chasers On Point Tours offers the unique opportunity to safely catch and release a shark in the wild. This experience will leave our clients with videos and photographs that people are going to thrive about for years.

Mossel Bay also has some of the most beautiful sunrises  and sunsets that can be experienced from a beautiful yacht in the bay.